Our Services

We at Kothari Architects try and follow the following simple principles to create Environments which:
1. Have a simple ,yet accurate Program, which would meet all Client’s needs.
2. Must have a Central Idea for the Project…..a Soul of the Design Concept.
3. Should diligently stick to the Original approved Concept and drive all aspects of the Project accordingly.
4. Incorporate sustainable and socially relevant Design features.
5. Last, attempt to go beyond Problem solving and address Project’s needs through delightful and inspiring Architecture.

Interior Design
Kothari Architect’s Interiors Practice is one of best Design Practices in the Workspace Solutions market. It is one of the well known and recognized Firms in the field of Corporate Interior Design. The tremendous learning gained from having done innumerable Corporate Offices, IT Facilities , Research Centres & Labs, Data Centres etc. ensures that our client get the highest quality of Design at the lowest cost and thereby derive a number of measurable benefits.Kothari Architects’s in the Interior Design discipline has had tremendous success due to the following guiding philosophy in creating Environments which:

1. Have adopted new workplace strategies with efficient, exciting and flexible workplace design.
2. Helps in higher productivity & collaboration, improved retention and low real estate costs.
3. Have met with client’s unique requirements and preferences fully, after agreeing on a Facilities Program.
4. Are fully compliant with highest standards of workplace safety standards.
5. Reflect the Organization’s culture, identity and values. Helps build the corporate brands.

Project Management
For our very select and limited Clients we provide Project Management Services on case to case basis.

In addition there is a new initiative to provide our services for assisting our clients with various voluntary sustainable design ratings like LEED or GRIHA ( by TERI in India).

Landscape Architecture

We have a team of dedicated and experienced professionals and associate consultants to provide the following comprehensive services

- Structural
- Electrical
- Fire Fighting & Protection 
- A/V Solution 
- Illumination Design